Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Do Vegetarians Really Prefer to Eat Peacock?

I recently read an article put out by The Pathway that dedicated an entire page to a survey "proving" that unchurched people prefer traditional buildings. The point the article was trying to make was that, given a picture of 4 different churches, unchurched people prefer the beautiful gothic churches to the ugly functional ones that are growing on every corner. (Honestly, if reading between the lines, the article was proving that the people in the church building aren't doing enough to draw in the unchurched so the building itself must attract them.) Even so, I found it an oddly idiotic topic - essentially it was saying that people who don't prefer churches (the unchurched) prefer traditional churches. So that begs the question: do vegetarians really prefer to eat peacock? Vegetarians may very well love peacocks if compared to pictures of a robin, a swallow, and a chicken, but that is only because they have absolutely no intention of being fed by them. The same with the unchurched; if only looking at pictures, they prefer the most ornately constructed church because they have no intention of being fed by what is inside.

Monday, March 10, 2008


It seems everytime we turn around there is a "new and improved" something or other. Most electronics have a better, faster, more efficient model hit the market about the time last model finally becomes affordable. The other night, I was thinking about how all these manmade things require add-ons or upgrades fairly frequently and usually become obsolete in 3 - 5 years, and yet, the human body has remained the same throughout all of history. All the systems that make up the body are exactly as the were when Adam walked the earth and babies are made the same way they always were - good ole fashioned sex! It amazes me, that we cannot make one electronic that can withstand time as it is, and yet, God designed the body to be the same for the duration of the earth. Sure we need maintenance - exercise, a healthy diet, maybe an occasional surgery (because God did not intend for a single body to last forever.) But the only upgrade required in life, does not affect the body but the soul within - that upgrade is Jesus Christ. Only He can take you from your earthy body, that will die in time, to your heavenly body that is perfect and requires no maintenance at all. God made your body, just like He made every other body, with precision and intent. Let Him complete your soul as well!

Friday, February 29, 2008

The Oddity of Auto-Pilot

Since the advent of the cell phone apendage (not the Zack Morris phone, but the phone you panic over if you leave the house without it), we can now "multi-task." The truth is, we really can't fully focus on driving when we're busy catching up on the week's gossip - that's when auto-pilot kicks in. By the time you've gotten to Wednesday on the phone, you've gone 6 miles and have no idea how you got there. Now I suppose, this is all relatively safe - unless of course your auto-pilot is set for a place different than where you were intending to go. How much time is lost because we've gone the wrong way on auto-pilot? "None, really!" We reason, because, after all, we were mutli-tasking! Thank goodness for cell phones - for we'd never get anything done without them!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Welcome to pure randomness!

If you've somehow stumbled upon my blog - welcome and let me also caution you that you've just stepped into a world where randomness has the freedom to run its unrestricted course!

Needing an outlet for my surpressed creativity, and just enjoying an opportunity to join the community of bloggerites, I have finally taken the plunge! If you decide to stick with me, I can assure you laughing will occur as I believe life is too short to be taken seriously. I hope you will leave some comments once in a while! Enjoy!

Today's randomness:

I wonder if toilet paper was the thing people compared sliced bread to. Did the cliche of "this is the best thing since sliced bread" replace "this is the best thing since toilet paper!"? Or perhaps even, "this is the best thing since perforated toilet paper!" Who's idea was it anyway to perforate toilet paper - they rarely tear on those little dotted lines anyway, except maybe for the OCD among us! Perhaps it was an OCD person who created perforated toilet paper so their toilet paper could look perfect and in order. It's funny the things we take for granted, like perforated toilet paper (and paper towels, too!). I remember when I was getting ready to move out, my dad wanted to make sure I'd learned to budget for everything. So he often reminded me "toilet paper costs money, too, you know!" Really? I was hoping it grew in the garden next to the money tree! I love my dad - he has taught me some of life's deepest wonders - like that it is not looked highly upon when one steals toilet paper. The moral of this lesson - if you are going to TP someone's house, please oh please have the decency to buy the toilet paper! And besides, those perforated lines make it much harder to get out of trees in one piece!