Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Do Vegetarians Really Prefer to Eat Peacock?

I recently read an article put out by The Pathway that dedicated an entire page to a survey "proving" that unchurched people prefer traditional buildings. The point the article was trying to make was that, given a picture of 4 different churches, unchurched people prefer the beautiful gothic churches to the ugly functional ones that are growing on every corner. (Honestly, if reading between the lines, the article was proving that the people in the church building aren't doing enough to draw in the unchurched so the building itself must attract them.) Even so, I found it an oddly idiotic topic - essentially it was saying that people who don't prefer churches (the unchurched) prefer traditional churches. So that begs the question: do vegetarians really prefer to eat peacock? Vegetarians may very well love peacocks if compared to pictures of a robin, a swallow, and a chicken, but that is only because they have absolutely no intention of being fed by them. The same with the unchurched; if only looking at pictures, they prefer the most ornately constructed church because they have no intention of being fed by what is inside.

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